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Sam of Strawberry Squeeze initially created her blog to be a platform where she can express her creative side, explore her understanding of SEO, and develop her writing skills. Since then, the site has grown into a place where visitors can read about a range of topics from home decor to health and beauty. Her stunning travel photos will make you want to book that next flight to a sunny paradise.
Justine of Girl Gone Dreamer is a self-proclaimed ordinary girl with a regular nine-to-five job. Her blog contains posts about a wide range of topics, from fashion, beauty, and makeup to more personal matters such as her passions and interests. As someone who is suffering from mental health issues, Justine considers her blog as a fun place where she and her readers can escape.
Born in Dublin and currently based in Spain, Emma has a wide variety of interests - from coffee, food, visual media, marketing, traveling, and many others. She initially started blogging to complete a course requirement in college. Since then, she launched Travel Style Food to mark a fresh start and document her passions in life - chief among which is food.
Katrina is a corporate content writer who launched her blog, Carousel Diary, as a way for her to explore her passions and have an outlet for her creativity and other interests. This Essex-based blogger writes about a variety of topics, including travel, beauty, fashion, and food. This is one blog that will keep readers coming back for their daily dose of elegant fashion and restaurant recommendations.
Erin initially named her blog DIY on the Cheap and has since rebranded into Erin Spain. Nevertheless, the main focus of her content is still on home decorating and DIY. Visitors to her site should look forward to posts about decorating ideas, crafts, and DIY projects ranging from small craft projects to furniture builds and everything in between. She also occasionally posts about her other interests, including traveling.
Coco’s Tea Party is the brainchild of Emma, one of the voices behind the extremely popular weekly podcast, Let’s Discuss. Her blog covers an extensive range of topics, from fashion and beauty to wellbeing, career, and relationships. Most of her posts focus on helping young professionals find fashionable and affordable style inspiration.
Amanda created Rhyme and Ribbons to be a platform where she can explore and enjoy the small things in life. She writes about food, travel, and small adventures. Amanda became a plant-based eater in 2017 to reduce any negative impact on the environment. Expect to find inspiring posts about cruelty-free products, sustainability, and recipes for healthy, vegan food.
Hannah used to be a digital editor and journalist who soon realized that it is more fun to create content for her own site. She writes about a wide variety of topics, from stories about her childhood, to her thoughts on mental health, to her style, beauty, and food journey. She describes her blog as a place where her readers can come when they are feeling lost in their own head and where they can be reminded that they are not alone.
Toni Tran is a men’s lifestyle blogger and photographer who is based in London. The name of the blog is actually a portmanteau of fashion and architecture - two of this blogger’s biggest passions. Because of this, most of his posts is focused on fashion and travel, drawing inspiration from architectural components.
Alexandra was all set for a career in law when she decisively chose to change routes and pursue her interest in fashion, travel, and photography. Her blog serves a platform where she can share bits and pieces of her life, as well as inspire her readers to feel good about themselves. With her followers numbering in the millions, Alexandra is definitely a digital powerhouse.
Born in Madrid, Paula inspires her readers with her classic style and her personal take on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Her career in fashion journalism and public relations management allows her to handle the communication requirements of many fashion firms. She currently represents a number of luxury fashion brands, including Dior, Bvlgari, Elie Saab, and others.
Based in East Yorshire, Mary of The Hearty Life is a thrifty and adventurous mother of three who uses her platform to discuss important family life issues, especially in dealing with grief and the loss of a loved one. Her blog also features inspiring stories and stunning photos from her family’s adventures and travels within and outside the country.
Amber is a journalist who eventually ventured into blogging. She started Forever Amber as a personal diary to document her husband’s journey after a kidney transplant. Eventually, the site became a platform for her to provide style inspiration and blogging advice. Her humorous anecdotes about her day-to-day life will definitely captivate you and keep you coming back for more.
Tereza of Cityscape Bliss is a Birmingham-based blogger who has a background in tourism and destination management and more than 7 years of marketing experience. She created her blog to be an online destination for other bloggers who wish to turn their hobbies into a full-time career. Her blog contains a wide range of topics from travel stories and tips, DIY projects, easy recipes, to fitness reflections.
Based in Spain, Maria is a mother, wife, graphic designer and illustrator who started Ohla Living to document her life in Spanish city of Valencia. Her blog documents her passion for traveling and creative activities such as designing, drawing, cooking, and painting. The content she posts reflects her diverse upbringing and interests in the bohemian lifestyle and culture.

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