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Cracks to Carats

Cracks to Carats

A blog that provides readers with the tools they need in order to feel empowered and to become a much more capable person in being in a good relationship, is where the author Sherry shares her thoughts, experiences, and advice on these relevant matters. From being a strong individual who is capable of withstanding anything to knowing how to navigate the intricacies of relationships, you’ll find relevant information on this site that will apply to your life in one way or another.
When you need excellent love advice and superb tips on making relationships work, by Lisa Brookes Kift is one resource that you definitely don’t want to pass up on. Sharing her expertise in all things love, her website offers such contents as “Study: Top 3 Things Couples Fight About and Other Things You Should Know,” “Ask the Therapist: Lack of Emotional Safety in Relationship,” and “3 Mistakes Couples Make in Relationship Counseling.” Far too many couples fall into the trap of assuming that they know what a relationship is, which is an error that this site can quickly correct.

Susan Lager

Third Place
Being in a loving relationship is a dream for many people and at, you can come closer to achieving this dream. This is all thanks to the site’s owner Susan Lager, who is the namesake for the site. She provides readers with plenty of the most amazing sets of information that they could ask for so that they can find love or strengthen their relationships. Reading contents like “5 Tools for Building Positive Traction in Marriage” can really bring a lot of things into perspective. If you know what to do when encountering relationship issues, you can survive anything.
The founder of is Nagma V. Clark and she knows firsthand what kind of environment bad relationships foster. As such, she started her website to help other couples who might have been going through the same struggles or just people who are in need of help to find love. This is why the site contains many contents about certain topics about relationships that readers might find extremely useful. These are topics that many might not have thought were important but are actually extremely essential to at least be aware of. As such, visiting this site is highly recommended.
Long distance relationships are arguably the most difficult to pull off simply because of the lack of physical or even visual contact. Fortunately, there are still ways to make it work and by Lisa McKay is one of your best chances at actually doing this. Reading such contents as “17 Top Tips For Writing Remarkable Love Letters” and “3 Tips for Surviving A Long-Distance Relationship When You Can’t Talk Everyday” can help make long distance relationship succeed even if everyone is saying that it can’t. You just really need to be open about the kinds of information you get.
The website is where Vicki Matthews shares her expertise on relationships and love with readers, and it’s also an important resource for empowering women to become their best selves. More often than not, perspective is the thing that is holding people back from having the best relationships they can ask for. At this website, Vicki can help those who are struggling to understand themselves using the five elements of nature and how they represent personalities.
Visit and get the expert advice of Dr. Diana Kirschner, who is a bestselling author and noted relationship mentor with regards to topics such as love and partnership. She can help guide you through the many intricate aspects of being in a relationship, in navigating conflict so that you end up with the best possible outcome, and giving you the tools you need so that whatever happens, you will come out stronger than you were before. There’s so much to learn from this site with such contents as “What Makes Men Fall in Love – The Most Important Factor!” and more.
Susie and Otto

Susie & Otto

A relationship coaching site that also offers incredibly valuable information about love that couples everywhere can definitely appreciate, is a resource run by Susie and Otto Collins that you have to check out. The website features superb coverage of difficult topics such as cheating, changes in relationships, and money issues. You’ll want to read such contents as “Rebuilding Trust: Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?” and “How to Balance the Independence-Dependence Issue in Relationships” among many others if you’re interested in making your relationship a success.
When you take a look at what has to say about love and relationships, you can get a deeper understanding of what those subjects are all about. The site’s owner Kim is an excellent provider of truly useful information and tips that can help couples thrive. At this site, you can find such contents as “How Can We Live from Our Empowered Whole Aware Selves?” and “Where Do We Begin as a Couple to Turn Our Relationship into a Joyful Expansive Romantic Partnership?” Suffice it to say, if you want to learn about love, this site is for you.
A website that’s more geared towards men but can still offer valuable information for women, by the author Caleb Jones is intended to help readers achieve their relationship goals while still maintaining some parts of their lives now. Among the contents that users might want to pay attention to include such titles as “Being Compliant on Dates vs. in a Relationship” and “How To Not Create Guy Drama.” Once men understand that there is quite a bit more to being in a relationship than they might initially expect, they’ll be much more successful at it.

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